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Modern Bathroom Styling

Are you a great admirer of proper modern bathroom styling? When it comes to custom bathrooms, Oakley & Norman will be your one stop shop for designs and fitting. You can call us any time on 02382 352 822 to discuss your requirements and get a free quote for your project with no strings attached.

Modern Bathrooms Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

Oakley & Norman is a long-established business that specialises in completely bespoke bathroom suites. These suites are going to elevate your property’s appeal to the next level. With our modern bathroom styling, you can enjoy flexibility and timeless visual appeal.

At Oakley & Norman, a tailored approach is a must, as the layout always needs to match the needs and tastes of the customer. Just keep reading below to find out more about the styles we specialise in and, if you still have any questions afterwards, don’t hesitate to reach out for a chat.

Our Modern Bathroom Designs

When we say “modern bathroom styling”, we are actually referring to mid-century modern rather than contemporary, which sometimes causes confusion. This was a popular style that was initially created as a direct response to the more traditional designs of the time that were considered to be outdated.

What we now call mid-century modern is a trend that first started all the way back in the 1920s and was very popular until the end of the 1950s. However, it has never disappeared and a resurgence is on its way.

The style consists of many different features that tried to knowingly steer away from the established traditional fittings of the time that rebellious designers considered boring. A clutter-free minimalist aesthetic is always key with this approach.

This will go hand-in-hand with an optimised space and a sleek finish that emphasises simplicity over unnecessary clutter and opulence. The final result is something very special that all of your visitors are going to appreciate and comment on.

Why People Love Our Modern Bathrooms

Many clients that have loved our modern bathroom styling have left us reviews over the years, which makes us very happy. We’re confident that reading through our positive testimonials will give you all of the reassurance that you need for hiring us yourself.

Modern Bathrooms or Traditional Bathrooms?

For a different look, our traditional bathrooms are also a popular choice because they combine comfort and practicality for a timeless aesthetic. This type of styling has been inspired by classic trends in furniture, colours, and fixtures – we’d be happy to tell you more, so get in touch.

Additional Available Products and Services Besides Modern Bathroom Designs

On top of our designs and installations, we have other home improvement services available that can always be amended to match your exact requirements. This includes:

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Why Choose Oakley & Norman for Modern Bathroom Styling?

The team at Oakley & Norman prides itself on creating the finest designs that are crafted for your exact space. There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to transforming a bathroom beyond your wildest dreams.

You will always receive a courteous transparent service from Oakley & Norman, with no hidden surprises to worry about. In fact, we’re confident that you won’t hesitate to vouch for us once you experience our unique approach to modern bathroom styling first-hand.

Contact Us for the Best Modern Bathroom Designs

As you can tell, Oakley & Norman is the best team to choose for modern bathroom styling, so call us on 02382 352 822 or fill out our contact form.